Jennifer Mack, stage Osai, has years of experience performing with several artists, singing at venues and the big stage.  While in Philadelphia, Osai sang backup for several local musical artists, such as Jehovah’s Children, Topaz, and Tara Hendricks. Also, she worked with artists such as Side by Sol and Hazie Blu Collective. She has performed solo at some of Philadelphia’s most renowned venues like Warmdaddy’s Gospel Restaurant; The Clef Club; World Café Live; The Arts Garage; The African Heritage Festival; Penn’s Landing; Philly Live Pod; Hard Rock Café; ACANA Festival, where she opened for Bracket, a well-known Nigerian musical duo; and Make Music New York (MMNY).

Most notably, Osai was featured on Tim Whiteside’s SANG ENT Showcases, and 2012’s Praise 103.9 “The Nation’s Best Inspirational Singer,” with Jessica Reedy and James Fortune, as one of the top 12 finalists.   She also appeared on Featured on the Track, a local television series for upcoming local artists. In 2012, she released her first single and music video, “Nobody’s Perfect Be You!” 

 In 2014, Osai returned to her hometown, Washington, D.C. Most recently, she has been singing with the State of the Art Band in Washington, D.C. She still travels and performs in the tri-state area. Osai will be creating a blog soon. She continues to write new music that combines her gospel, classical, and jazz training. Most importantly, Osai released a Christmas album 2014 “Holiday Cheer”. Osai has returned to her roots and is singing in the Combined Choir at her home church, Mt. Horeb Baptist Church. Her musical journey continues. Osai recently just did a concert on March 19, 2016, as the main act with over 400 viewers in attendance. Grammy winner Largo High School was her opening act! Osai released an Ep titled “Finally” debuted on that day.

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